• Original la carte

    • French fries (plain · spicy chili · garlic onion)

      500 yen

      Three kinds of spices can be chosen.Please feel your favorite things at that time.

    • Onion ring

      Onion ring

      500 yen

      Crisp and crispy delicious ring.

    • Smoked miso flavor of chicken scallop

      Smoked miso flavor of chicken scallop

      650 yen

      Exquisite harmony of flavor and incense of miso

    • Smoked German potato

      750 yen

      King of snacks using homemade bacon.It is Hokkehoku with an iron dish of Atsuatsu.

    • Grilled homemade bacon

      Grilled homemade bacon

      800 yen Half 500 yen

      It is a masterpiece of our pride that we took carefully over 10 days.

    • Buffalo wing

      Buffalo wing

      900 yen Half 600 yen

      American taste with chili sauce chicken fried chicken tip.With celery stick.



      900 yen half price 500 yen

      Speaking of pubs! I am using Kilkenny for clothes.

    • Mexican nachos

      Mexican nachos

      750 yen

      Crisp, salsa, cheese on top of tortilla and baked good-naked baked goods.

    • Sausage platter

      Sausage platter

      950 yen

      After all it is indispensable for beer.We offered three kinds of sausages.

  • Appetizers & Salad

    • green olives

      500 yen Half 300 yen

      It is an olive which enters paprika which is easy to eat easily.

    • Smoked eodames

      500 yen Half 300 yen

      It is a tasty edamame that slowly smoked salty soybean beans at low temperature.

    • Smoked egg flavored egg

      Smoked egg flavored egg

      500 yen Half 300 yen

      I smoked delicious seasoned eggs as they are, with another effort.

    • Smoked potato salad

      Smoked potato salad

      ¥ 600 Half 350 yen

      Adult potato salad based on smoked vegetables

    • Caesar salad

      700 yen Half 400 yen

      Homemade salad with homemade bacon and original dressing.

    • Green salad

      700 yen Half 400 yen

      Vegetarian salad topped with vegetable miso.With grated carrots dressing.

    • Assorted smoked cheese

      Assorted smoked cheese

      750 yen Half 500 yen

      Plain, pepper, Camembert smoked cheese 3 kinds.With crackers.

  • snack

    • Corn chips & salsa

      ¥ 600 Half 350 yen

      Organic tortilla chips with tomato salsa dip please.

    • Smoked Mixed Nuts

      Smoked Mixed Nuts

      ¥ 600 Half 350 yen

      A carefully smoked mix up nut on a notch.

    • Homemade beef jerky

      Homemade beef jerky

      700 yen Half 400 yen

      Beef jerky which taste oozes more as bites chew is a soft type unique to homemade products.

  • meal

    • Homemade chili beans

      800 yen

      Household chili beans condense the taste of beef and beans.Bread or rice comes in.

    • Three cheese pizza

      800 yen

      Harmony interwoven by three types of cheddar of Cheddar Gouda and Parmesan.

    • Homemade bacon mix pizza

      800 yen

      It is a classic pizza with homemade bacon with pepper, onion, olive, and jalapenos.

    • Tuna and potato mayonnaise pizza

      800 yen

      There is no doubt that it is Tsunamayo for smoked potatoes.

    • Stew boiled in Guinness

      950 yen

      Authentic fusion of beef and vegetables with Guinness beer.Bread or rice comes in.

    • Fortune smoked curry

      Fortune smoked curry

      800 yen

      Smoky curry of particular smoked ingredients and roux.

    • Fortune smoked cutlet curry

      Fortune smoked cutlet curry

      900 yen

      A smoked pork cutlet is a deep cuttlefish that smoked curry sauce.

    • Fortune smoked burger

      Fortune smoked burger

      900 yen

      A 100% beef patty full of broth to the whole virgin sake buns and a special onion sauce and a fresh vegetable put in a happy carrying smoked burger completed! It is a mess! ♪

    • Smoked Cheese Burger

      1000 yen

      Add American cheddar cheese to lucky smoked burgers! It is classic ♪

    • Smoked Chili Cheese Burger

      1200 yen

      Add homemade chili beans and American cheddar cheese to lucky smoked burgers! Inevitable ♪

    • Smoked Bacon Cheese Burger

      1200 yen

      Add homemade bacon and American cheddar cheese to lucky smoked burgers! King of Hamburgers ♪

    • Smoked fish burger

      900 yen

      The theme is "serious fiireo fish".Plenty of homemade tartar sauce for smoked fish fries not to be defeated by Bun! Do not collect ♪

    • Smoked Spam Egg Burger


      Sakura chips smoked pork and soft omelets.It's like a gentle taste as it is in a cafe in Okinawa.

  • dessert

    • Premium vanilla ice

      400 yen

      Vanilla seed plenty of premium ice cream

    • Bailey's Ice

      500 yen

      Add a sweet Irish cream (※ it is a sake) to the premium vanilla!

    • Cheesecake

      500 yen

      Baked type homemade cheesecake.

    • Apple Pie

      500 yen

      A little sweet American apple pie